Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Harvest Moon Festival bows out in style - Midulster Today

"AFTER 13 years providing the people of Mid Ulster with some of the best in folk/traditional music, the Harvest Moon Festival, formerly the Mid Ulster Folk Festival, is bowing out, not with a whimper, but with a bang.
The first committee, headed by the inspiring and knowledgeable Lorna Niven, and guided by Geoff Harden, met in 1996 with the first festival the following year.

It took place in the barn and grounds of Springhill House. During the day various artistes performed and gave workshops, including lessons on playing the bodhran and the lambeg drum;"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bodhran Lessons - For the Complete Beginner

Bodhrán Lessons - For the Complete Beginner
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How to Tune a Bodhran

How To Avoid The Sliding Tipper & Scraping Sound

Holding bodhran & beater

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bodhran Tutorial, 3 of 3

Bodhran Tutorial 2 of 3

Bodhran Tutorial, 1 of 3

Jig Solo With FREE Downloadable Drum Notation | BodhranExpert Bodhran Lessons and Videos

Please click here to get the pdf of the drum music for page one of this bodhran solo. I thought you might like the visual aid. I am still tweaking my music notation format so I would really appreciate any feedback from you.

Would you also like to see it in proper music notation (eg. eighth notes, etc)?
H = High Pitch - Pushing In / Shortening Distance Between Back Hand And Tipper
M = Medium Pitch - Gentle Hand Pressure / Medium Distance Between Back Hand / Tipper
L = Low Pitch - Hand Just Touching But Without Pressure / Furthest Distance From Back Hand / Tipper


Jig Solo With FREE Downloadable Drum Notation | BodhranExpert Bodhran Lessons and Videos

Bodhrantutor.tk - Click 1

The Bodhrán Lesson

Bodhran Lesson at Causey Farm

Bodhran Lessons

n DonegalMind games: give your brain a break - The Irish Times - Sat, Aug 28, 2010: "Have you always been that person at parties without a party piece? Change your tune and learn the participatory pleasures of the bodhr�n. Oideas Gael in Gleanncholmcille, Co Donegal, offers beautiful scenery, an immersion in An Gaeltacht way of life and a series of cultural courses for anyone interested in their Irish heritage.

The one that will make you popular at parties is their beginner’s guide to the bodhr�n. You get to study the various techniques of bodhr�n playing, from how to accompany solo and group musicians in a seisi�n to how to play the various beats required for hornpipes, jigs, reels and other musical styles.

After class you can practice your new-found skill in the local pubs.

When�September 10th-12th.

Where�Oideas Gael, Gleanncholmcille, Co. Donegal.

Contact�074-9730248, oideas-gael.com.