Saturday, February 28, 2009

Seamus O'Kane - Bodhran - Ceird an cheoil - 1 of 5

Documentary examining the place of the bodhran in Irish music over the last 50 years, following bodhran maker Seamus O'Kane through the various stages of his work.

Music documentary series on instrument making in Ireland. Twelve different instruments within the tradition have been chosen for the series. Ceird an Cheoil also features those which are not immediately associated with Irish traditional music, such as the piano, the bouzouki and the harmonica.

The series was produced by Belfast musician, Meabh O'Hare, herself an accomplished fiddle player. She made six of the programmes with Stirling Productions in Belfast and the other six in her own company, Sonas Productions. The programmes were originally funded by the Irish Language Broadcast Fund and TG4. The series focuses on some of the top craftspeople in Ireland and explores the complex and dedicated lives these instrument makers lead in the quest for perfection. Throughout each programme there are performances and interviews from leading musicians, revealing their passion and love for their individual instrument.

Programme aired: 23/07/08 on BBC Northern Ireland. 

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