Monday, February 14, 2011

Julie Fowlis: Live At Perthshire Amber

"Julie Fowlis has recorded three solo albums but her first live album - 'no gimmicks or extra help,' she declares - lets her wonderful, sweet voice invade your senses.
Fowlis, who grew up in North Uist, took the bold decision a few years ago to give up working in an office and try to be a full-time musician. There was no looking back.
She sings in Gaelic (her mother's family spoke it as a first language and she studied it at Skye College) but that does not prevent the non-Gaelic speaker from appreciating the beauty of her songs. For this concert, Fowlis is supported by some master musicians: Eamon Doorley (her husband) is on bouzouki and Tony Bryen is on guitars. Martin O'Neill is great on the bodhran but special mention goes to fiddler Duncan Chisholm - of Wolfstone - whose playing is both energetic and highly moving."

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