Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dundonald kids to get free music lessons

A GROUP of kind-hearted musicians have teamed up to bring music to a new generation.
The village of Dundonald will host its own music festival at the end of the month, and the people behind it are not content with just performing to the public.
For the generous group will now give free lessons to the village primary pupils over the next school year.
The pupils will have the option to learn a wide variety of instruments like guitar, accordion and the hand held Irish drum called the bodhran.
Teacher Alison Armour said: “We’ll be teaching children right from primary one. They’ll probably be playing instruments like the penny whistle and recorder, but it’s about getting them interested in music.
“The primary one to three group will be called the Mini Music Makers and the primary four to sevens will be the Young Strums.”

Dundonald kids to get free music lessons - Ayrshire Post

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Anonymous said...

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